If you are a small YouTuber or filmmaker hoping to be able to monetize with YouTube Adsense, there is a really good chance that your channel will not be eligible for the partnership program early on. Even my channel with 1,447 subscribers still does not have the required 4000 watch hours to be able to turn on ads or to activate Super Chat during my livestreams.

But guess what? I have never relied on Adsense as part of my monetization mix even while I was in the YouTube Partner Program!

The money I have made outside of YouTube far exceeds that $78 bucks still sitting in my Adsense account (you need $100 in order for Google to cut you a check).

I am currently putting together training that will show indie filmmakers and small YouTubers how I have been able to monetize outside of YouTube year-over-year, and this will be a detailed, step-by-step approach to show you how to set this up for yourself.

There is nothing to buy now, but I am currently offering early bird discount pricing on this paid training to anyone who joins the list to lock-in this discount rate before the end of February 2019:

Some of the modules I will be building out for the course are:

  • Amazon Associates Affiliate Income (currently in progress. This will be the first block of training)
  • Setting up Kit.com to leverage Amazon Associates for affiliate income
  • Donations vis Paypal and Stream Elements (how you have seen me receive donations during my livestream) + how to set this up via WireCast
  • Freelancing via Upwork (my profile is effective enough to continuously receive offers to bid without me having to actively hunt for them myself)
  • And any other monetization streams I pick up along the way like putting together a pitch deck for sponsors (I am building this course to be evergreen)

If you want to lock-in your early bird discount for this upcoming training, then click here to reserve it now simply by joining the list: http://bit.ly/early-bird-affiliate-training-discount

Thanks again, and looking forward to helping you continue to win in 2019!

-Paul T